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    FRP panels, which structure is FRP skin + core material + FRP skin. FRP panels is a high-tech, high-quality new sheet, it does not occur in the ultra-low temperature of 40 degrees brittle crack, high temperature below 100 degrees will not be deformed, and can prevent heat transfer.
    Polystyrene board for Partition Main Characteristics:
    1. Light weight — 30% to 60% weight of brick wall
    2. Energy saving— 80% energy saving in comparison of traditional brick wall
    3. Install easily— It can be glued and nailed, a 25meters wall can be installed within 1.5 hours
    4. Environmental—100% asbestos-free, no harmful materials
    5. Water proof —Not affected during rainy season or humid air
    6. Sound insulation— 90mm thick wall insulate 43DB noise volume.
    XPS Polystyrene Panels


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